Since 1971 the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency has operated the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) which helps low and moderate-income Wayne County residents with water bills and assists them to access other essential services such as home repairs, furniture, food, and shelter. Looking to be convenient to the communities it serves, WRAP opened an office in Grandmont Rosedale, specifically at GRDC, 19800 Grand River. Amanda Coles and Stephanie Gilliam are the Direct Service Specialists who work out of the GRDC offices. Having an intake center at GRDC is much more convenient for some clients than going to their downtown or east side office. Amanda says, “In order to help the community, we need to be in the community.” If you’ve stopped by GRDC lately, you may have met Amanda and Stephanie.

Both women are suited to their work. Amanda says she likes “helping people – it’s important for the community. People do better when the community does better.” She would one day like to expand her work to include job interview training, but for now she finds great reward in her work. With the WRAP program, clients have “less stress and a chance to get out from under.” With the help that WRAP provides, clients can “take advantage of educational opportunities.”

Stephanie too believes her work benefits herself as well as her clients. “I enjoy helping people,” she says, “I can offer a sympathetic ear, and the clients lift me as well.” Stephanie’s future plans also include staying in and helping the community, perhaps in emergency situations providing food and shelter. Both Amanda and Stephanie find the Grandmont Rosedale community and GRDC a comfortable, friendly place to greet clients.

To find out if you qualify for the Wayne Metro WRAP program, visit or call 313.386.9727.