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Grand River WorkPlace Member Spotlight: LaToyia Shannon

LaToyia Shannon is the owner of JNS Health Solutions LLC. JNS Health Solutions provides health education and training services. These services include CPR, Basic Life Support, First Aid, and Quality and Workplace Safety training. What inspires you? My desire to empower people with the tools to improve their health and reduce health disparities within the…

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Grand River WorkPlace Member Spotlight: JaTara Wright

JaTara Wright, owner of Innovative Marketing Artistry & Innovative Work Alternatives boasts nearly 15 years of helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve marketing success across different industries. Our expertise spans diverse areas that include brand strategy, web design, SEO, etc. We guarantee that we’ll help you get measurable results that will significantly boost your business’…

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Grand River WorkPlace Member Spotlight: Danielle North

Danielle North, Founding Executive Director of Degree Forward, is passionately pursuing college completion rates for working adults and professionals. What inspires you? My commitment to supporting my community and making an impact in the lives of disenfranchised members of our society. Who is your ideal client? Working professionals and adults. Why did you choose Grand…

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Grand River WorkPlace Member Spotlight: Cheryl Davis

Cheryl Davis, Robinson Realty & Management Group, a woman, minority-owned business that assists municipalities and consumers with their real estate needs. What inspires you? I come from a family of entrepreneurs and owners and have diverse experience in other disciplines. Who is your ideal client? Our Agents can assist clients with various needs. Why did…

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Grand River WorkPlace Member Spotlight: Camille Corr Chism

Camille Corr Chism, CPPL Fellow, Indigo Packaging & Consulting, LLC, packaging engineering, design management and automotive packaging technology tools What inspires you? I started Indigo Packaging because I wanted to help companies improve their processes and products through packaging and lean manufacturing. Who is your ideal client? Automotive Tiers and start ups Why did you…

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