Gabrielle Taylor’s Roll Up Truck has been a staple of the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market since she first started operations three years ago. The bright red, white, and yellow truck with its signature egg-with-wheels logo stands out at the end of the Market’s row of tents, and for all the right reasons. The food is unique and delicious: egg rolls stuffed with everything from traditional veggies to chicken to corned beef, it’s all delicious, and something that draws Market shoppers.

An Ever-Popular Enterprise

Every other week when the Roll Up Truck comes around there’s almost immediately someone at the window ready to order. The stream of customers stays pretty constant until it’s time to go home at the end of the night. Gabrielle is happy to see her business thrive, and she says that Detroit’s budding food truck scene is like this no matter where she goes. She says that whether it’s parking Downtown outside of an office tower for lunch, or right here at our Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market, her food truck is a popular spot.

So Why a Food Truck? Why Egg Rolls?

Gabrielle has been in the food truck game for three years, and has been at the Market since she opened her doors– or rather, turned on her engine. She’s a Northwest Detroit native, and knew she wanted to be at our Market with her own truck after seeing others selling their goods there. After a long career catering for others, Gabrielle decided it was time to get her own business going. Her friends and family always loved her food – especially her egg rolls. She knew enough about the food service industry to know that opening her own restaurant would be a pretty challenging task, and so she landed on a food truck. It didn’t hurt that her specialty is so well suited to the trendy food truck genre, Gabrielle knew from the start that focusing on egg rolls was the right move.

A Unique Offering

Gabrielle’s egg rolls are anything but a traditional takeout style, with over a dozen different flavors and combinations. Her main rotation includes the Plain Ole Chick (chicken and cheddar), and a corned beef and swiss cheese option. She fills the egg rolls with whatever her imagination tells her to, and it’s always delicious. The Side Chick is composed of the unusual combination of chicken, cream cheese, and tomato–it’s one of Gabrielle’s favorites.

You can find the Roll Up Truck every other week at the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market at the parking lot of the North Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale, on Thursdays from 4 to 8 pm through mid-October, and wherever the wind takes the Roll Up Truck throughout the city of Detroit. Like RollUp truck on Facebook to keep in touch.