Submitted by Kathy Garrett

The First Annual Positive Youth Development Family Fun Day took place on Saturday, February 22, at the GRDC Offices.  Oliver Cole, president of the Grandmont #1 community, hopes that this is the first of many years of PYD Family Fun Day.  “The purpose of the day was to just provide an event for our young people to have some fun. It was well attended,” Mr. Cole said, pleased, “and people stayed.”  The idea for a youth forum began more than two years ago, “but when Shonda Jones, her husband and children moved to our community, and immediately got involved in the Grandmont #1 community, she really got the ball rolling.”  The focus of the day was on the kids.  There were games, prizes, raffles, face painting, and food for all.

While the free event was intended as an opportunity to strengthen the Grandmont #1 community, Mr. Cole has more ambitious plans as well.  He, along with others in his community, is working toward establishing a scholarship program for graduating high school seniors and perhaps first year college students from the Grandmont #1 community.  The goal is to have $2500 available to qualifying students.  “We’re not sure how the money will be split up.  It might be five scholarships, or if we raise more, ten.  But one thing is for sure, the applicants have to show that they give back to their community.  It can be cutting lawn on a vacant lot, it could be volunteering at their church, but they have to show community involvement.” State Representative Philip M. Cavanagh was in attendance at the PYD Family Fun Day, and made the first donation to the scholarship fund.  “We are committed to make sure that the future generations of Detroit residents have sense of community and self- pride and determination. It starts with our young people,” said Mr. Cole.