Submitted by Amy Kuras 

If you’re a resident of Rosedale Park, you know Jill Laufer – or at least her work. She’s been volunteering with the Vacant Property Task Force since 2010, monitoring the condition of vacant properties in the neighborhood, researching the owners of vacant homes in order to put pressure on them to maintain their property and cleaning up abandoned homes. She also is famous for her fruit trays that she brings to neighborhood meetings. Because of her hard work and dedication, we’ve named her GRDC’s Volunteer of the Month!

She’s motivated by a love for preserving vintage Detroit homes, which reflect a craftsmanship that will rarely if ever be seen again. Her most rewarding moment was convincing property maintenance contractors for a bank to keep window coverings in a home; Fannie Mae policy says to take them down but that provides a neon sign to attract vandals.

“It’s a good feeling to be involved in helping your community survive,” she says. “All able bodied people with extra time should help improve their surroundings – it’s free!”

For more information on how to volunteer with GRDC please contact Volunteer Coordinator Mary Lyons at 313.387.4732 x116 or via email at LIST OF VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS.