The Surveying Boundaries Pop-up Art Gallery will be located at 19560 Grand River from February 1st through the 28th. Gallery hours will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 – 9 PM, on Saturday’s from noon – 3 PM or by appointment. The reception will be February 1st from 6 – 10 PM.

Grandmont Rosedale Pop-up Art Gallery

This pop-up art gallery comes out of a desire to promote and showcase the creativity of residents in the Grandmont Rosedale area. It has the potential to act as a platform for artistic expression, while also fostering a safe space to discuss, challenge, and share thoughts and ideas about how we see and understand the neighborhood within the broader community.

Call For Entries: Surveying Boundaries

Boundaries, real or illusory, exist all around us, creating partitions within various spaces of our lives. As we survey the ways lines generate division or inclusion, shared areas or private margins, how then do we interact within the spaces in between? How do we negotiate the existence of the boundaries to begin with? What motivates just a few of us to cross the real or artificial boundaries we’ve created between us and them, here and there? We are currently accepting submissions and proposals for an arts exhibition centered around the concept of boundaries.

All media types are welcome, the deadline for submissions is January 25th. Email a description, any images, and/or any questions to


Submitted by: Sean VandenBrink