Saul Green, former Deputy Mayor and US Attorney, addressed the December Neighborhood Safety Meeting, held December 19th at the North Rosedale Community House. Mr. Green, who currently serves as the Chairperson of the Detroit Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (DYVPI) and  as Director of Ceasefire Detroit, provided our community members with an in depth look at how these programs work.

Mr. Green informed the audience that gun violence is a major issue in the city.  The DYVPI surveyed 1000 high schoolers and asked, “If a family member or friend had been SHOT, MURDERED, OR DISABLED as a result of violence in the last 12 months?” 87 percent answered yes.

DYVPI is an organization that strives to foster a violence-free environment.  Its mission is to provide youth with safe schools, safe communities, and a safer Detroit. Recently, the organization was awarded a community-based Violence Reduction Program grant by the Department of Justice to dramatically reduce gun violence and homicides by replicating the evidence- based Boston Ceasefire model, which began in 1996 and is now being implemented in more than 70 cities.

The Ceasefire Detroit project will start in the 9th Precinct on the eastside of Detroit. The 48205 zip code is known to be one of the most dangerous zip codes in America. Law enforcement officers, faith leaders, community organizations, outreach workers, neighborhood associations and human services providers will come together with a unified message about the need to address gun violence to a group of about 20 violent offenders with known gang affiliations. They confront these offenders at a mandatory meeting.

These violent offenders are met with three simple messages.

  • From Law Enforcement: The level of violence in this community is unacceptable, and MUST STOP. If your group continues to perpetuate violence, you will all face the full force of law enforcement.
  • From the Community: We love you and want you to live. STOP SHOOTING! You are hurting our families and harming our community.
  • An offer of help: THERE ARE OPTIONS. A range of services are available for those who want help (i.e. housing, substance abuse, and job placement assistance).

The next Neighborhood Safety Meeting will take place on January 23rd at 6:30 PM at the North Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale. Michigan State Trooper Walter Crider will be presenting about scams directed towards senior citizens.


Linda Metz - Raffle winner

Safety Preparedness Raffle winner Linda Metz

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