Investigator Brian Fountain presented at the Neighborhood Safety Meeting at the North Rosedale Park Community House Thursday, September 25th. Investigator Fountain has worked for the Detroit Police Department for 30 years and is known for his informative, lively workshops. His presentation covered new squatter laws, as well as an overview of crime prevention through environmental design.

Recently three new state laws regarding squatting took effect that make squatting a more serious crime and allow police and property owners to address these issues more effectively. For more information visit:

Investigator Fountain also spoke about crime prevention through environmental design. This approach, as he explained, aims to deter crime by being aware of one’s environment and even designing it to discourage unlawful behavior. He spoke about the importance of detecting unusual behavior in one’s environment. Unusual behavior could take the form of pacing or other signs of restlessness as this is how criminals release anxiety.  Potential criminals may also engage in uninvited and unusual verbal communication.  Fountain also advised that residents be aware of  what a suspicious person is doing with his/her hands when in the vicinity of others.

Did you know that those beautiful Grandmont Rosedale signs are helping deter crime in our communities? Investigator Fountain informed the meeting attendees that “marking territory” is important to deterring crime as it lets potential criminals know that the community will not tolerate crime. Residents can utilize this knowledge by caring for their properties and personalizing with gardens and other decoration.

The Crime Prevention Task Force welcomes new members to the Neighborhood Safety Meetings at the North Rosedale Park Community House at 18445 Scarsdale Street.  GRDC donated a safety related raffle item to be awarded to a first time attendee.  September’s winners were Tracy and David Washington. We hope to see the Washingtons and you at the next Neighborhood Safety Meeting on October 23rd!

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