Nana Dansoa’s passion for empowering others is contagious. The mission of her business, Dansoa Marketing and Design, is to make all types of business owners, from social workers to chefs, feel that they have the tools and ability to make their business a success. Nana either works directly with business owners to create an effective social media presence and brand, or she will direct business owners to someone who can. From logo design to preparing a marketing plan for a larger firm, Nana has the experience and expertise to not just provide her clients with effective marketing presence, but also to feel confident in that marketing presence. Nana knows the business of marketing and how to draw attention from long and varied experience.

“You’re Talking with Nana! America’s New Girlfriend!”

Nana entered the world of social entrepreneurship through television and radio journalism. In keeping with her belief in the importance of accuracy in journalism, Nana developed the skills necessary for any good reporter: accuracy and the ability to draw people out, to get them to talk, to tell the truths of their experiences. Nana also studied marketing and management. This particular combination of study is as much a reflection of Nana’s belief in the power of the written word and visual communication as it is in her drive to learn as much as she can about her work and the people she serves. As she puts it, “I’m still learning!” Nana’s natural humility and her earnest interest in other people that led her to host a radio show for two years called “You’re Talking with Nana! America’s New Girlfriend!” The show was entertaining, accessible, and of great use for many young Detroit professionals. Nana had guests on her show who spoke on such relevant topics as finding a work-life balance, being an entrepreneur in the changing Detroit, and how to cook healthy and delicious meals. Nana chatted with professionals in a variety of fields, ever focused on evoking the most useful information from them while also presenting the information in an easy, informal style as if, well, as if she were a close, trusted girlfriend who always has something interesting to talk about. In fact, “You’re Talking with Nana! America’s New Girlfriend” was so successful, Nana earned an award from Thank You Detroit in 2016, for the quality of her program and her focus on local business owners.

As much of Nana’s education about social media and its power to communicate came from her interactions with guests on her show, Nana learned that her greatest gift lies in empowering other people, guests and listeners alike. This desire to empower others continues to direct Nana’s work as a social entrepreneur and consultant. Nana believes that an effective marketing and brand campaign communicates positivity. “Businesses need to tell good stories about their business, about Detroit.” As a consultant, Nana combines her story-telling skills as a journalist, and her charisma as a radio show host. As she puts it, “Commercialism and community work hand in hand to foster economic strength and people strength.”

Choosing to Become a Grand River WorkPlace Member

Nana chose to become a WorkPlace member because the WorkPlace is located in the middle of one of Detroit’s most vibrant communities. At 19120 Grand River, the WorkPlace is the ideal location for Nana’s business. “I love the diversity of the neighborhood, I love to see people walk outside, say ‘Hey” to their neighbors, and even know the neighbors’ dogs’ names. That’s why my office is here at WorkPlace!” Nana sees community and business as mutually beneficial and equally necessary.

While Nana is interested in opening her own storefront, she’s also working on plans to resume her radio program. Speaking directly with new and established entrepreneurs and discussing such vital issues as finances and brand development with a listening audience widens the community of entrepreneurs, and for Nana, “Community is home.” Nana takes advantage of the many amenities the WorkPlace offers, regularly meeting with clients in the conferences rooms, ever expanding the circle of business owners interested in learning how to make their businesses better. Nana is especially impressed by the fact that Larissa Carr, the WorkPlace manager, lives in the community. “It’s an ecosystem,” Nana explains, “the person who runs this place lives in the community!”

You can listen to webisodes of “You’re Talking with Nana! America’s New Girlfriend!” at

Nana’s new radio program is “Queen Mode Radio” and you can listen to it on the Motor City Woman Radio network on Wednesday mornings at 10 am.

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