Over 50 Grandmont Rosedale residents attended the Wednesday, Feb. 23 virtual meeting about the demolition and redevelopment of the old IHOP at 19505 Grand River. This new development will feature 42 apartments. There will also be three spaces set aside for communal activities. These apartments are in response to residents’ desire to age in place – to stay in the community they love even when they no longer wish to own a home.

Grandmont Rosedale residents have also been hoping for a sit down, family-friendly restaurant/bar in their neighborhood for quite some time. One of the retail spaces on the ground floor of the new project will be used for just that. GRDC is working with consultant Lakota Group to determine the best fit for this space, and to bring in new small businesses.

The meeting covered a number of issues related to the new build, and a good deal of discussion followed. To see the information provided at the meeting, click the link below. If you have questions, contact Program Director Becki Kenderes at becki@grandmontrosedale.com or Economic Development Manager Chelsea Salame at chelsea@grandmontrosedale.com.