GRDC’s Trash Talkin’ has again begun its monthly meetings of conversation and light litter pick up, but this year it’s a little different. In order to spruce up as much of Grandmont Rosedale as possible, the Trash Talkin’ volunteers are meeting at a different location. The June 27 Trash Talkin’ meeting place is at our tea shop, Just a Bit Eclectic at 19015 W. McNichols At 9:30 am volunteers will meet at the tea shop for a half hour of conversation and a cup of tea before they head out for about an hour of light litter pick up. On July 25 the Trash Talkers will meet at Detroit Roller Wheels, 16611 Schoolcraft, and on August 22, GRDC’s office at 19800 Grand River will be the meeting place for volunteers to meet.

The Stahelin Mower Crew (or the Just Do It Squad!) and the Grandmont #1 Mower Project will be back in action this. The Just Do It Squad welcomes your help on Thursday mornings from 9 am – 12 noon. Volunteers will meet at McNichols and Stahelin. Let Beverly Frederick know if you’d like to help out or if you have questions: 313-387-8117 or The Grandmont #1 Mower Project meets on Grandville between Schoolcraft and Lyndon every Saturday from 9 am – 12 noon. Contact Lacy Dawson to volunteer or for more information: 313-978-7296 or


In Minock Park, Michigan Community Resources is funding the Security Alternative Funding and Empowerment or SAFE grant to provide incentives to residents who maintain currently neglected lots or structures with such activities as mowing or boarding.  This “time-banking program” will match donated money dollar for dollar, and donated time will be matched at $20 an hour for supplies, up to $40. This grant will ensure that these lot and/or structure improvements will be maintained throughout the summer. In Grandmont, a green buffer of trees will be planted on vacant lots along the Southfield Freeway Service Drive, thus reducing both noise and air pollution as well as offering a beautiful landscape. A SAFE grant will also replace the grass along Lyndon with low-grow grass or ivy which will reduce the need for mowing.

Several beautification projects are in the works this summer for 18 lots in Grandmont Rosedale. Native meadows will be planted in some lots, some lots will become tree lots, and on still others “friendly fences” or hedges of hydrangeas or other bushes will be planted.  A rain garden and decorative bollards or posts on several lots on Stahelin Street will be installed to reduce dumping and to beautify the formerly blighted lots.

RESIDENT COMMITMENT TO BEAUTIFICATION                                 

The hard-working members of the Vacant Property Task Force deserve much of the credit for spearheading these projects. These members include Ken Wolfe of Minock Park, Pam Weinstein, Nancy Bitzarakis, and Jill Laufer of Rosedale Park; Diane Patterson of Grandmont, and Beverly Frederick and Clarenda Webb of North Rosedale Park.

The Vacant Property Task Force meets monthly to share information and strategies for addressing the problem of vacant homes in our neighborhoods. For more information about the work of the Task Force, or to volunteer to help, contact Becki Kenderes at 313-387-4732, ext. 101 or