Both Jordyn and Leeah Burr are a bit shy about their accomplishments in track and field, but once they bring out their medals, plaques, patches and trophies, it becomes pretty difficult to understate just how good – or fast – they are. Jordyn is 6 years old and has set national records in the 60 yard dash, the 200 meter dash and the 400 meter dash. While Leeah, age 10, did not set a national record (yet), she did take second in the 60 meter dash, and third in the 200 meter dash. Another very important detail needs to be added: Jordyn ran against athletes who were three years older than her. While this may not seem like a big age difference, it is when one is 5 years old! When she was 5, Jordyn tagged along to her sister Leeah’s track practice, and, like a lot of kids would, Jordyn  didn’t want to watch, she wanted to practice too. Leeah’s coach took one look at Jordyn and asked the girls’ mother, Toria Burr if she’d consider letting Jordyn join the team.

Both have competed in the Junior Olympics and run track just about year round. The girls travel both within and outside of Michigan to compete. Such a schedule is a lot to demand of a 6 and 10 year old, but for the Burr girls, it’s worth it. “It’s fun,” says Leeah, “I like beating my own time.” There was a time when Leeah was on a cheerleading team. At the end of cheer season, a friend of her dad’s mentioned that the Police Athletic League, or PAL, had a track and field team and that Leeah might want to try that out. She gave it a shot and was done with cheer. “It’s interesting and fun,” Leeah says. In school, the girls’ classmates are hesitant to race against either one of them at recess. Jordyn offers a shy smile when she reveals the reason why the kids are her school think twice before racing against her: “They’ve seen me run.” They both are more than a little please that even their 14 year old football player brother can’t beat them in a race. At a meet in Belleville, Jordyn immediately drew the attention of the announcer who shouted “She shot out of there like a cannon!” At the end of the race, local TV crews and a reporter approached Jordyn for a quick post-race interview.

Whether near or far, people are beginning to hear about the Burr girls and their natural ability on the track. Soon they will once again head to Eastern Michigan University for the District Qualifiers which will be the first step in their probable return to the Junior Olympics which will be held this year in Norfolk, Virginia. Whatever their future, for now North Rosedale Park is their home. Along with their school and track activities, the girls also deliver North Rosedale Park’s newsletter The Tattler, but you have to look quick – these girls can fly!