Submitted by Kathy Garrett

The 6th and 8th  Precinct police officers have called a meeting of local business owners with neighborhood police officers for Saturday, March 15 from 10 -12 pm at the 6th and 8th Police Precinct, located at 11450 Warwick.  Officer Tanda Owens sees this meeting as an opportunity for business owners to voice their concerns to their local police officers and to establish a cooperative relationship with the police. Moreover, Officer Owens sees the March 15 meeting as an opportunity for business owners to work cooperatively with each other. “We want to encourage business owners to come together to voice their concerns as business owners.  We can’t be separate in a space that we share.  We have to work together to build a safer, stronger community.”  This first meeting is a call to business owners because Officer Owens believes that addressing just business owners for this first meeting is a constructive way to hear their concerns.  Future meetings will call for a gathering of gas station and party store owners, and then residents, even schools.  By addressing one group at a time, Office Owens hopes that constructive progress can be made to address the concerns of each group, rather than trying to address the concerns of all groups at the same meeting.  Ultimately, Officer Owens believes that a larger sense of community will be established.  “We all have to come together.  We can squeeze out the weeds if we all work together.”

For more informoation or to RSVP please email or call 313.596.5600. The meeting flyer can be found here!


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