When Grandmont Rosedale resident Que Roland started at Wayne State University, she thought she’d study mechanical engineering. She enjoyed projects, everything from landscaping to design work, and had an eye – family and friends frequently relied on her design skills. Then she thought she might be better suited to become an art curator and so changed her major to art history. Soon, Que’s wide ranging curiosity had led her to accumulate far more credits than she needed to graduate, but she needed to decide on a major, and so she chose a degree in Arts and Communication. When pursuing her Master’s in Health Administration, Que had her mind set on opening a nursing home, and then she thought that she would really like to run a hospital. This time she earned her degree quickly, in a single grueling year. Que’s range of experience and education is not so much a result of indecision as it is an indication of a deeply inquisitive mind and a wide skill set. She’s not a stranger to hard work either.

In her work life, Que has worked as a manager at ATT and in property restoration. Que knows well how poor office design can inhibit productivity: “Working in an office with no windows was awful!” She also has literal hands-on experience doing everything from hazardous material removal to designing kitchens. Several years ago, Que started her own property restoration business, and she continues to do freelance design work for private homes and business offices. Que’s path from Cass Tech High School through college to owning her own business has not exactly been direct, but it has led her to have the knowledge, drive, and experience to open Seat Detroit, a co-working space at Eastern Market.


From the moment you walk in to Seat Detroit, Que’s skills as an interior designer are apparent. Her work ethic and understanding what small business owners need and want in a work space is obvious too. As a small business owner herself, Que knows that while working from home has its benefits, it also can be hard to focus. In fact, Que began exploring co-working options some years ago, but she wasn’t ready to own her own. “At the time I just knew I needed to get out of the house – to come to a place to work, but I wasn’t yet ready to have my own co-working space.” From design to amenities, membership options to flexibility – it’s clear Que is now ready to own a co-working space. As Que says on her website, she wanted to create “a culture of networking, innovation and fun. A space for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers to create their own seat at the table,” and she has done just that.

Open since January, 2020 at 1337 Division St. #204, Seat Detroit offers a variety of memberships. Private offices are available as are co-working spots in the large seating area. The assigned seat option offers a desk and storage, and a virtual seat allows a member access to a business address, phone number, and package and mail services. The social seat offers access to all the events at Seat Detroit. There is a conference room, kitchen, copying capabilities, and 24 hour access with gated and secured parking. Que has put her varied skills to work at Seat Detroit, and has created an inviting, well-organized and efficient work space.


Eight years ago Que bought a home in Grandmont Rosedale for herself and her two sons. Her grandmother and two aunts lived in Grandmont Rosedale and so Que was very familiar with the neighborhood. Que began looking online for homes and GRDC came up as an organization with 30 years of experience renovating homes and community advocacy. There was a GRDC renovated home for sale that Que took a look at. “GRDC did a great job on the renovation,” Que remembers. “I knew it the minute I saw it that this was my house. I did make it my own though.” As often happens in Grandmont Rosedale, soon after Que moved in, her neighbors knocked on her door to introduce themselves. Que understood quickly that the reason her neighborhood is strong is because neighbors go out of their way to get to know one another and to welcome new people. “The neighborhood needs these people. When there’s a problem – they know what information is needed and who to call. I know all my neighbors.” While Que remains a busy person with a lot of interests, she makes sure she finds time to pitch in where she can. Perhaps not surprisingly, Que helps out with designing and planting the island gardens, and she always participates in the annual Garage Sale. She’s also been known to overbake and share with neighbors. “We all look out for each other,” Que says. “It’s quiet and beautiful where I live,” Que says. ”It really is a neighborhood.”

Check out the Seat Detroit website for more info at https://www.seatdetroit.com/ and like Seat Detroit on Facebook and Instagram. There’s a Pitch Competition coming up that offers businesses a chance to pitch for a three month membership. Que would also love for you to stop by Seat Detroit and check it out for yourself.

Did you know that the first neighborhood co-working space is right here in Grandmont Rosedale? If you haven’t checked out the Grand River WorkPlace at 19120 Grand River, stop in. BrieAnn Bell, the WorkPlace Manager would be happy to show you around. You can also check out the website: http://www.grandriverworkplace.com/en and like the Grand River WorkPlace on Facebook.

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