Edward Long needed a new roof for quite some time. Edward remembers that he and his wife had talked about getting a new roof “after having some trouble with old the roof.” Edward has lived in Grandmont for 27 years, and he had been married for 28 years until his wife passed in 2021. Getting a new roof was suddenly not in the forefront of his thinking. Edward’s three children live with him, and the roof has certainly not repaired itself. Edward heard of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) program from his office manager at work. He found out that one of the grantees was Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC), right here in Grandmont Rosedale. Edward and his daughter stopped by the GRDC offices and spoke with GRDC’s Construction and Facilities Manager Tom Ridgway who “had all the information, and answered all our questions.”  Edward got the great news that he would get the much needed roof soon thereafter. “The process went very smoothly. Tom did all the leg-work. My daughter and I picked out the tile for the roof.” After “six solid days” of roofers removing the old roof and installing the new one, Edward attests that “It’s been a great experience. We feel very blessed, and the timing was perfect.”


Grandmont resident (and owner of Love Travels Imports, a Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market vendor and former Grand River WorkPlace pop-up shop), Yvette Jenkins sorely needed the exterior trim on her house painted. The paint had begun the chip and fade due to time and weather. When Yvette learned that she would be getting the exterior trim painted through the MSHDA program, she was thrilled, but also concerned that the wood beneath the chipping paint was damaged. She was concerned that painting the wood would lead to a much bigger project. When the painters began working, however, Yvette saw that they “really took their time prepping the wood before they painted. They did a really beautiful job.” Like Edward, Yvette feels the repair was “a godsend. I’m so grateful.”


GRDC’s Program Director Becki Kenderes made these home repairs possible by applying for the MSHDA grant. Once GRDC learned that we had acquired the MSHDA funding, we held an informational session for Grandmont residents who were interested in applying for the program. The experience of working with GRDC and finding qualified roofers and painters went so well, GRDC is hoping to acquire more MSHDA funding to help more residents maintain the homes that they love. As Edward explains, “I continue to be happy with my community. So many people invest in their homes and in the neighborhood. And I have awesome neighbors.”

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