Early this week a familiar friend’s life was saved by the attentive and vocal community of Grandmont Rosedale.  A 200 year old white oak, with the circumference of 144” was scheduled to be cut down for the repaving of Verne Street between Warwick and Shaftsbury.  Word quickly got out that “the tree in the road” was soon to go.  Facebook buzzed with such reactions as “We need to call the Mayor’s office!” and “We are writing letters!” and “I remember that tree from my childhood!”  Within 24 hours Mr. Ron Brundidge, Director of the Department of Public Works put a stop to the cutting down of the tree on Verne.  Soon thereafter the panic on Facebook gave way to relief and thanks to Mr. Brundidge and the people in Grandmont Rosedale who pay attention.  North Rosedale Park resident Sally Evalt expressed it well:  “This is why I love living in this neighborhood…so many people who care!”

No one will think unkindly of you if, the next time you drive down Verne, you pull over for a minute, get out, and give the old tree a hug.  The things we can do when we work together are pretty amazing.