“Harold is the essence of a community representative. He calls to let residents know about anything that is happening in the Grandmont #1 neighborhood.”

“Harold is truly concerned about our neighborhood as evidenced by the work that the does for all of us.”

“He works tirelessly to keep our neighborhood safe and informed. He is very much appreciated and I’m glad he is in my neighborhood.”

These are just a few of the things that neighbors are saying about Harold Harris, Grandmont Rosedale’s Fall 2015 Community Champion. Harold will be the first to remind you that there are many others who also volunteer. However, as a Grandmont #1 resident for nearly 30 years, Harold has made it his life’s work to connect neighbors to each other, to opportunities and to resources.

Harold worked for 33 years providing support to Detroit Public students as a School Community Agent, fondly known as a “Change-Maker.” Harold has carried this perspective into his “retirement,” continuing to serve his neighborhood as Corresponding Secretary with the Grandmont #1 Improvement Association, a former long-time member of the GRDC Board of Directors and key volunteer in the Grandmont #1 Mower Project.

Harold says that if you see something you don’t like in your neighborhood, don’t just complain about it, do something! There’s a clear sense of purpose in volunteering that motivates Harold even when progress seems slow.  He encourages other volunteers to keep at it, and to make do with what they’ve got, because, “A little dab will do ya!”

Thank you, Harold, for all that you do. We are privileged to call you our neighbor and Community Champion!