Elias Donuts owner Hanna wants to be clear: “It’s not just about donuts. It’s about the people and treating them right.” He must be on to something, because he’s been in business at 19231 Grand River for more than 30 years. For many years Elias Donuts was a Dunkin’ Donuts, but it is now a family owned business that is one of the most stable businesses in Grandmont Rosedale. A key to this stability is a reliable and faithful clientele. The reason so many people come back to Elias is not just because of the good coffee and in-store made donuts, but because Hanna and his daughter know the customers by name and how they like their coffee. People on their way to work are greeted with a cheerful hello, and then may choose from a wide variety of options. If you’re not fond of coffee, there’s juice. If you’d rather have fruit than a donut, there’s a basket of bananas on the counter. If you’d like something more substantial for breakfast, you can order a bagel or a croissant or even wings or a hamburger. Many of the regulars who stop by in the afternoon order paninis or grab an ice cream cone. For a small shop, there really is an impressive variety. As a store that’s open 24 hours, Elias Donuts has come to be a place people can rely on no matter what time their cravings hit.

Elias owner Hanna knows the importance of keeping his customers happy and the Grandmont Rosedale business community healthy. Hanna  often cleans the parking lot himself and has an especially effective way of addressing customers who might not be in the best of moods. “If a customer is grumpy, I tell them ‘Let me give you something sweet,’ and I give them a donut. It’s hard for them to be grumpy after that.”

Elias Donuts is at the corner of Grand River and Grandville, ready to serve you any time.