You know those people who always look well put-together?  You know, their clothes are fashionable, well-matched and seem perfect for that particular person and occasion?  They might have a really sharp jacket or a dress that you’ve never seen before but that looks just about perfect on them?  North Rosedale Park resident and pop-up business owner Ebonee West is like that, and the really great thing is that she can show you how to do that too.  In fact, her business, Funky Junk and Juju, a thrift store with vintage and vintage inspired pre-loved clothing, specializes in those unique, memorable pieces.  Ebonee combs resale, vintage, and thrift stores with her uncommon sense of style and chooses those pieces that are of excellent quality, interesting design, or unusual texture and she brings them all to you, her customers who are looking for a something special to wear.

Ebonee developed an eye for fashion when she was a kid.  “I’ve been thrifting all my life.”  She started as a kid because growing up, money was tight. Ebonee and her siblings really enjoyed thrifting.  “It excited me even when it was a necessity,” she says.  Ebonee has thrifting experience in Texas as well as Michigan.  She was born in Detroit but grew up in Houston, Texas.  She came back to Detroit every summer though, to spend time with her dad.  In fact, as a kid Ebonee had a friend who lived in North Rosedale Park whom she would frequently visit:  “I remember the trees, the kids playing outside, the houses – I told myself ‘This is where I’m going to live one day.’”  True to her word, Ebonee lives in North Rosedale Park and has for the last six years.

Ebonee has been preparing to open her pop-up for several of those years.  She attended Retail Boot Camp at TechTown and is hoping to take the ProsperUs classes this February.  Ebonee has already brought her Funky Junk and Juju to several festivals and events around town.  A future goal is to create a mobile boutique – a fashion truck, a “dream closet on wheels,” as she calls it, to take to festivals, neighborhoods, college campuses – anywhere where there are people who are interested in unique fashion and saving money.  In short, Ebonee is doing whatever she can to make her new pop-up business, Funky Junk and Juju a success.

In the meantime, while she checks on craigslist for a reasonably priced step van, Ebonee is also busy trolling local shops, searching for that perfect accessory, that fabulous dress.  As a new pop-up business owner, Ebonee wants to share the excitement she has when she finds something fantastic with her customers.  She wants her customers to stop by her store at 19560 Grand River and say “This is my new favorite thing!”

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