As we reorganize our lives to protect ourselves and our families during the COVID-19 pandemic, we should also note the importance of community in these uncertain times. The Center for Disease Control notes that this is a good time to “get to know your neighbors”: to use any organizational and communicative resources on hand to coordinate emergency plans and distribute aid. This continues to be a point of strength in Grandmont Rosedale—many neighbors are familiar with each other and are linked together by organizations like GRDC, radio patrols, task forces, and block clubs. GRDC will provide support by convening our neighborhood organizations and providing infrastructure that will help coordinate resources for our residents. Keep in touch with your community organizations, such as NRPCA, RPIA, and GCA.

GRDC will continue its development and community work in these times. However, in accordance with Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay-at-Home” order, GRDC’s main office and the Grand River WorkPlace will be closed through at least April 13 (tentatively, as the situation unfolds and as we receive updates from state and local officials). All community events are cancelled for the duration of the stay-at-home order, which began at midnight on March 24th and will continue through at least April 13.

You will still see us in the community! GRDC’s Economic Development Specialist and Grandmont Rosedale resident BrieAnn is organizing “Wave Tours,” to offer emotional support to residents while maintaining social distancing from her car. If you’re interested, contact BrieAnn at Our staff is coming up with creative community engagement strategies, so be on the lookout for new initiatives and activities!

We can’t forget our small businesses, and many are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis. Robert Hurse’s The Standard Detroit (featured as a popup in the Grand River WorkPlace) has moved its collection to an online platform. Detroit Vegan Soul is offering online orders with prepay and curbside pickup options Tuesday through Saturday. Give DVS West a call at (313) 649-2759 or visit their site at the link above. CDC officials note that the illness is not foodborne, and that carryout/delivery are safe with minimal person-to-person contact. Pages Bookshop is offering free shipping for online orders, so be sure to browse their selection and pick out a book you’ve been meaning to read. The City of Detroit maintains a list of District 1 businesses that are providing services, which you can access here.

Many resources are being offered to help small businesses in Detroit. TechTown and City of Detroit have published a COVID-19 Resource Guide, highlighting financial and human resources strategies. In addition, TechTown is raising money to provide $5,000 grants in support of small business in Detroit. Small businesses in Michigan can apply for low interest disaster loans through the U.S. Small Business Administration. Michigan Economic Development Corporation is providing $20 million dollars in funds—one half towards grants and the other towards hardship loans—to support small businesses. Applications are expected to open after April 1, with more details coming via this link. As more resources materialize, GRDC will provide updates through our Facebook page and eBlasts.

Please check on your neighbors, don’t panic, and stay safe! We got this! For additional information, contact