Ever hear of a towel cake?  How about a diaper cake or a diaper wreath?  Give up?  They are clever, unique gift ideas for engaged couples, kids going off to college and new babies, and they just are some of the creations of April Cobb, owner of one of Grandmont Rosedale’s newest pop-up businesses, Tender Moments.  “I use practical gift items people will use and turn them into a fabulous presentation,” April says, and she sure delivers on her promise, creating fun and beautiful cakes and wreaths out of items that people need. Imagine a three-tiered cake not made of cake or icing but of towels and ribbon.  Imagine giving that towel cake to a prospective bride at a shower and then having that cake as the centerpiece for the gift table.  Diapers are indeed very practical – so practical people often hesitate to give them to soon-to-be parents because, well, diapers are not very pretty and they are pretty boring.  Not in April’s hands they’re not.  April has found a way to make diapers, that very necessary and not particularly attractive item, unique, thoughtful and even beautiful.

April’s idea for a diaper wreath was inspired by the birth of her niece.  Rather than a towel cake, April wanted to make something different so she thought of a diaper wreath.  She worked her magic and then went to the hospital to visit the new baby.  As April and her husband walked through the hospital with the wreath, looking for the right room, people stopped them to ask “Where did you get that wreath?”  When April told them that she made it, they immediately asked for her card.  At the time April didn’t have a card.  Nurses from several floors came by the room to check on the baby and to check out the wreath.  “Next time we’re going to have a card,” April’s husband told her.  One year later, in 2009, April had a card and was in business.

Since 2009 April has expanded her business to include wedding planning, custom gift baskets, wedding brooms and décor.  April enjoys the variety and opportunity to meet with customers.  While April has many creative ideas, she always puts her customers’ preferences first.  From the customer who knows what she wants to the customer who has no idea what he wants, April is ready to help.  She begins by giving her customers a questionnaire asking them everything from the colors they like, and don’t like, to whether they are considering using candles as lighting.  According to April, the questionnaire “prompts the customers to think more about what they want.  Then I design it.”

“Specializing in handcrafted, unique gifts and décor for life’s milestones” is April’s motto.  She can make cakes out of towels, wreaths out of diapers and turn a plain wedding hall into a beautiful venue.  You can see what April has in store for the holidays at her Tender Moments “Our Favorite Things Holiday Event” Saturday, Dec. 13 from 2 – 6pm at 19560 Grand River.  There will be food, music, shopping, gift wrapping and packaging, a kids’ craft zone and a book and toy drive for Children’s Hospital.  Admission is free and good cheer is welcome!  You can check out April’s many creative ideas at http://tendermoments.3dcartstores.com/