On Thursday, April 3, more than 20 residents of the Grandmont Rosedale neighborhoods took advantage of the Tax Foreclosure Prevention Workshop facilitated by the United Community Housing Coalition and hosted by Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation.  Ted Phillips, the director of UCHC, and several of his coworkers offered residents counseling on how to cope with the challenges of possible foreclosure.  The evening began with a presentation regarding various foreclosure remedies.  One-on-one counseling was then offered to residents to determine what could be done about individual situations.  This practical guidance followed by individual counseling Ted Phillips sees as the most effective way to “offer hope and to start a relationship that leads to ongoing guidance.”

UCHC has years of experience guiding residents who face foreclosure.  According to the director of UCHC, “last year we worked with over 2500 people to keep them out of foreclosure.”  While facing foreclosure is a hardship for any resident, the workshop offered a way for residents to take practical steps to move forward.  Ted Phillips made it clear:  “Our mission is to help people save their homes.”

To contact United Community Housing Coalition, please call 313.963.3310, email uchc123@sbcglobal.net or visit their website at uchcdetroit.org.