Submitted by Kathy Garrett

Spring Equinox:  A Detroit Art Show Vol. II will take place at Always Brewing Detroit, 19180 Grand River, on Friday, March 21 from 7-10 PM.  Over six Detroit artists will be showing their work, DJ Chadroto will share his music, and light refreshments will be served.  The featured artists frequently use Detroit and its residents as the inspiration for their art, working in various media such as photography, abstract illustration, wood photoblocks and paint.  While these artists have worked in many areas of the country and world, they share an affection for and commitment to Detroit and its resurgence.

Jessica Meyer, the curator of Spring Equinox Art Show, first came to Always Brewing Detroit for an open mic night to watch her roommate perform.  Jessica enjoyed the musicians, the poets and then noticed the art on the walls of the coffee shop.  Jessica asked Amanda Brewington, the co-owner of ABD where the art came from.  Amanda admitted that she had simply brought paintings from home.  “Would you ever be willing to have an art show here at Always Brewing?” Jessica asked.  “Sure!”  And so began Jessica’s curatorship.  “I reached out to some artists friends of mine about having a show at Always Brewing, and they loved the idea.”

The first show was in November.  “We had a great group of artists.”  The show was also a fundraiser for an artist friend of Jessica’s who had passed away.  The proceeds of the show were to go to the friend’s two favorite non-profits in Detroit.  “It was amazing.  All the pieces sold.  There was real support from the community.”

Jessica works to bring in a variety of artists and art.  “Paintings dominated the first show.  This spring show features a lot of photographers, but their work is very diverse.  We have a photographer who has done a lot of work in India, and another whose work is very Detroit focused.  There will be something for everyone.”

Jessica dreams of establishing an artist in residency at Always Brewing Detroit.  Every couple of months two artists’ work will be featured on the walls of ABD.  “Then we can keep getting Detroit artists exposed. The Grandmont Rosedale community is a wonderful, new artist community.”

As Donna Jackson, one of the featured artists attests, art serves a larger purpose.  Art can be a “community initiative… with the goal of creating a higher quality of life in Detroit neighborhoods.”  Come, see the art, meet the artists, listen to Chadroto’s music and enjoy the refreshments.  Spring Equinox promises to be an evening of community connection, inspiration and fun.


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