Written by: Annie Mae Holt

Congratulations to Harold Harris who is the founder of the Grandmont 1 Radio Patrol and the Recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award.

Because of Harold’s perseverance and skilled organizing, the Grandmont 1 Radio Patrol was recognized. The Honorable City Council Person James Tate made a presentation at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. The purpose of the presentation was to recognize Detroit citizens like Harold who are in the business of demonstrating proactive behavior that leads to positive solutions.

Grandmont 1 Radio Patrol is fortunate to have eighteen committed members from the neighborhood who see the urgency to get involved with appropriate safety measures to improve the climate of our neighborhood and our city.

We appreciate the recognition extended from City Council Person Tate.

We also appreciate the guidance provided us by Coach M Muhammad and Mrs. Mary Muhammad. They molded good citizenry behavior that ignites the “glimmer” of the city of Detroit.

Please contact Annie Mae Holt (313) 615-6248, President of Grandmont 1 Radio Patrol, to volunteer to contribute two hours a month to the Grandmont 1 Radio Patrol. These two hours will be most valuable to your neighbors, the surrounding communities, the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan, and to you.