Ghassan Azar, known by his regular customers as Gus, is the owner of Save On Tire and Beverage One on the corner of Grand River and Outer Drive. At Beverage One, everybody knows Gus—he’s their guy for lottery tickets, drinks, grocery items, and more. At Save On Tire (which is directly across the street from Beverage One), Gus’ son, Mathew, writes up service reports and cashes out the customers. Under the Stay Home, Stay Safe orders, both businesses are designated as providers of essential services.

Gus isn’t a mechanic—he’s more of a businessman. In addition to Beverage One and Save On Tire, he owns a few rental homes. Gus had originally planned to lease out the building at 19400 Grand River, which had been a Belle Tire in its previous life. However, after talking with his family and forming an alliance with a trusted mechanic, he decided to open Save On Tire.


From a business perspective, running a tire shop has its challenges. “Keeping up with the bills is hard, and general liability is through the roof,” Gus admits. He says that his favorite part of the shop— and the party store as well—is the connection he has with his customers. Indeed, Gus’ popularity is obvious whenever he runs the register at Beverage One. People call out, “What’s up, Gus!” and “There he is!” when they spot him in the store.

Save On Tire took part in GRDC’s Halloween small business shopping event last year, “Eats, Treats, and Sweet Sales on Grand River!” Many customers noted that Save On Tire was a friendly space and that Gus was a great host, passing out hot dogs, candies, and cakes to Halloween visitors. Gus enjoys doing business in Grandmont Rosedale because the people make sure that “you don’t feel like an outsider. The people are really close-knit, and if something is not right, they will tell you.” He reflects this sense of community in his business practices: “We’re very personable and family style here. My employees are people from the neighborhood who’ve been here for years… And we’re elated to be in this neighborhood.” He prioritizes customer satisfaction and “getting it right” at the tire shop because, as Gus points out, that’s exactly what Grandmont Rosedale folks expect!

Gus is running a special at Save On Tire: essential workers in the medical field can stop by for an oil change (five quarts of synthetic blend) and an air filter for $9.95. So call 313.472.5594 or stop by Save On Tire and say “What up doe” to Gus!