On Thursday, 6th and 8th Precinct Radio Patrol volunteers gathered at the North Rosedale Park Community House to be saluted for their contributions to safe communities. This event, coordinated by the 6th and 8th Precinct Radio Patrol coordinators with assistance from GRDC community security program staff and volunteers, proved to be a success! Chief Craig, the evening’s first speaker, expressed much appreciation for the “eyes and ears” Radio Patrol volunteers provide for the city and hopes for an expanded Radio Patrol program for Detroit. Chief Craig answered several questions from the audience addressing timeliness and transparency in the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

Other special guests included Stephanie Young, District Manager for District #1 and the 6th and 8th Precinct Captains Steven Walton and Jacqueline Pritchett respectively. We welcomed Captain Pritchett as the newly appointed Captain of the 8th Precinct. Stephanie Young, on behalf of Mayor Duggan, expressed support for Radio Patrol volunteers with certificates of appreciation.

Radio Patrollers have earned this level of gratitude from residents, law enforcement, and city officials through countless hours of dedication.  Radio Patrol volunteers agree to patrol their predetermined boundaries for a minimum of four hours per month. While on patrol they report suspicious activity including abandoned vehicles, people behaving abnormally including going door to door, and even crimes in progress! These volunteers are trained to handle a variety of situations so well that they know not to interfere with crime in progress but to call upon the close relationship they have with the police department to keep criminal behavior out of their community! Even the presence of Radio Patrols deters criminal activity and makes neighborhoods more attractive to potential homebuyers. We have much to appreciate about volunteers who dedicate their time to our safety!

Interested in dedicating your time to this valuable service? Contact the 6th and 8th Precinct Radio Patrol coordinators at Precincts6th_8thradiopatrols@yahoo.com or an involved neighbor to start your contribution to neighborhood safety today! Be a part of a promising new year for Radio Patrol as Commander Todd Bettison, also present, closed with hopes for “taking it to the next level in 2015!”