Every Monday morning at 9:00 AM, the NW Police District will hold a Blight Reporting Meeting, where residents who live in the 6th or 8th precinct can bring a list of concerns about neighborhood blight. The meetings will be held at the precinct building located at 11450 Warwick (at Plymouth).

Lt. Renee Hall held the first NW District meeting this past Monday April 29th, with Environmental Officers & Community Relations officers. They took complaints from GRDC staff members as well as Grandmont Rosedale residents regarding homes that need to be boarded, abandoned vehicles, and other health and safety concerns.

Residents can also make a Blight Report at any time via e-mail, by contacting the Sergeants on duty with specific details & the address or location of the blight:

Sergeant Lisa Shade:
shadel289@detroitmi.gov (available during the day)

Sergeant Franklin Hayes:
hayesf823@detroitmi.gov (available late afternoon & some evenings)

For more details contact the Community Relations office at 313-596-5617, 596-5681 or 596-5682. Also, don’t forget the list of who to call for code violations and environmental problems which can be found here: LIST.