The North Rosedale Park Civic Association is currently undergoing a Capital Campaign improvement project to renovate the Community House and surrounding grounds.  One of the many goals of the project is to implement new programming and activities that will support the needs and interests of all residents of North Rosedale Park and the larger Grandmont Rosedale community. The programs hope to create a sense of place, and support efforts to update and maintain the Community House for future enjoyment.

The NRPCA and Community House are asking for input from residents about the programming they would most like to see at the Community House. Please take a few moments to fill out the following survey so programs can be prioritized based upon demand.

The online survey can be found HERE! If you need a paper version, please write the North Rosedale Park Community House to request a paper version of the survey at 18445 Scarsdale, Detroit, Michigan, 48223.

The learn more about the Capital Campaign or how to get involved please visit the North Rosedale Park website HERE!


Please Click Here for the Survey