Trish’s Garage will be the latest ‘pop-up’ store to set up shop in Grandmont Rosedale when it opens its doors on June 20th at the Grand River WorkPlace. The new store is the creation of local entrepreneur Ebony Rutherford. Her business was selected through a competitive process sponsored by GRDC and REVOLVE Detroit.

Ebony says that Trish’s Garage is her solution to finding corporate clothing on a budget. Because Ebony, like most women, has a richer life than just work, Trish’s Garage also offers casual and cocktail clothing on a budget. “I love clothing, and getting to know my customers,” says Ebony, “and I like to help them get to know themselves.” Ebony bases her guidance on clothing on her customers’ likes and dislikes: “I help my customers develop a look for themselves, one that matches who they are.” Ebony believes that every wardrobe needs the basics of a couple of nice blouses a crisp jacket and pumps, but “accessories are where the personality comes out.” Trish’s Garage offers accessories for all occasions from whimsical to classical. The store also has a signature piece, the peplum top that Ebony makes from a larger men’s t-shirt, refitted for a woman’s shape, and then with a flared skirt sewn to the bottom. This peplum T-shirt also often has an applique of the Old English D on the front made from a pair of gently used jeans. The look is unique, fun and distinctly Trish’s.

Now might be a good time to explain why Ebony’s store is called Trish’s and not Ebony’s Garage. For Ebony Trish represents the strong, funny, adventurous woman that is in all women that sometimes needs a bit of encouragement to show her face. The eclectic mix of vintage and modern that Trish’s Garage offers, and the attention to customer tastes that is Ebony’s expertise, makes Trish’s Garage the place where “women can find their Trish.” She has benefitted from the “amazing” entrepreneurial training programs at TechTown and D:Hive (now known as Build Institute). Perhaps most importantly Ebony realized that for her, working in the corporate world did not offer her the kind of interaction with people and community that she enjoyed, and so she left the world of big business and entered the world of small business where she can connect with her customers and help them to connect with a style to call their own. “I traded money for joy,” says Ebony, “and I haven’t missed it at all.”

Ebony is not new to the community. She has lived in Grandmont Rosedale for three years, long enough to have had many conversations with many Grandmont Rosedale women and she has discovered that “gardening is big here!” As proof of her focus on customer and in this case, community tastes, gardening aprons and “some great gardening gloves” will be available in the store. Ebony also hopes to expand her merchandise to include kids’ clothing and housewares, but much of what she includes in the store will be based on her conversations with the community.  She is also looking for local artisans to sell their wares at her pop-up. If you are interested, you can contact Ebony at Vendor applications will be juried and then chosen. Ebony is eager to share her space and her experience as a small business entrepreneur with others interested in small business.  Ebony is planning an Ice Cream Social Grand Opening for Saturday, June 20 from 1 – 7 pm, so plan to stop by the Grand River WorkPlace pop-up space at 19120 Grand River. Trish’s Garage will be in the pop-up space through the holiday season, until the end of December.