The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) has again supported renovation efforts for the North Rosedale Park Community House and park grounds with a $33,991 award towards replacement of the parking lot. As anyone knows who has visited the Community House recently, the parking lot is badly deteriorated from age and the recently constructed addition to the building.

This is the third grant from MCACA for the NRPCA’s Legacy Project—a multiyear initiative to renovate the 75year old Community House and improve the park grounds. Each grant has required a match. The first grant was part of updating lighting and electrical in the main hall, including the installation of acoustical panels to improve the experience for the hearing impaired.

The second funded solar panels in conjunction with the new roof designed to reduce operating costs. The current award, along with a $100,000 grant from the City of Detroit, will provide the majority of funding to widen the circular drive and replace the parking lot, potentially, in part, with permeable paving for better storm water management.

Parking lot improvements will greatly enhance the experience for the many thousands of people who utilize the park grounds and attend theatrical performances and other events at the Community House. MCACA’s grants recognize the important role of arts and culture in communities’ quality of life. While NRPCA is not solely an arts organization, over 30% of the use of the Community House and grounds is devoted to arts and cultural activities.

One of the main reasons the Civic Association was awarded these funds is that the Community House is home to Detroit’s oldest Community Theater group, The Park Players. This group has been providing high quality theater for our residents for over 65 years and MCACA recognizes the value this group provides to our community.

The NRPCA is extremely grateful to MCACA for its confidence in our ability to utilize its funding for the benefit of the public, and for contributing to the long-term sustainability of our facilities. Look for opportunities at upcoming NRPCA membership meetings to hear about, and weigh in, on the final design.

Marsha Bruhn
Chair, The Legacy Project