Returning visitors and vendors at the Northwest Detroit Famers’ Market have seen a new face helping run the show this year, Market Manager Elyse Wolf. From small details like choosing the music playlist to helping customers and vendors with any issues, Elyse has been an important part of this season’s Market.

Elyse, a West Bloomfield native, went to the University of Michigan and majored in biopsychology, but she realized along the way that her true passion was not researching in a lab. Instead, she discovered her calling was public health and community involvement.


When she moved to Detroit, Elyse became interested in food access issues. In 2015, she worked at Eastern Market as a food and health fellow helping with the mobile market stand.

A friend from her time at Eastern Market reached out to her about the opportunity to work with the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market. Elyse said she loves how established the Market is within this tight-knit community. She sees how much of an anchor the Market is for the people who live in the area and the connection it brings them.

But what exactly does a Market Manager do? In short, Elyse keeps the Market running smoothly. She coordinates vendors, makes sure events are in order, maintains rules and regulations, and handles the different currencies people use when making purchases.


Outside of the Market, Elyse’s focus is her real estate development business. For the past two years, she has been working to build her business by renovating and getting operations in order. It is a residential development with two duplexes that she rents out primarily to emerging entrepreneurs or creative types. In line with her desire to help the community, she rents to people who have thirty percent of the area median income.

Just as she has big hopes for community betterment with her business, she also has some great goals for the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market. Elyse said she would like to bring a few new food trucks to the Market. She also has been trying to get Home Depot to do an organic garden demonstration. Elyse wants to bring in more interactive opportunities like this for market-goers to experience.

When visiting the Market, remember Elyse can answer any questions, from what events are coming up to how to pay vendors. Come say hello to Elyse and enjoy the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market every Thursday from 3-7 pm at the North Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale. You can find out what’s coming next at the Market by liking the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market Facebook page.