While Cathy and Rashad Torrence are the owners of the Detroit Fish and Shrimp food truck, they are certainly not the only members of the team who show up with fresh, delicious food at art fairs, parks, college campuses, outdoor concerts, and our Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market. Cathy’s mother, sister, sons, and aunt all help. Each member of this family team has a role as set up, cook, cashier, and clean up. Cathy is the co-owner, but she’s aware of the vital support of her family: “I can’t do it without them. No way.” Like all successful businesses, the Detroit Fish and Shrimp food truck is flexible and able to adjust to unforeseen circumstances, like a truck with engine trouble. A truck that won’t run means the team moves the equipment to a mini van and they get on with their day – a trip to the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market.


The food truck team has worked together for nearly five years and they have developed quite a reputation for serving delicious, fresh food to customers all over metro Detroit. The Northwest Farmers’ Market is the only market they frequent, and thus the only customers they see regularly. Their season-long presence at the Market is precisely why Cathy’s mother especially enjoys coming to the Market: “We get to know people. We develop relationships.” This repeated contact with Market goers has inspired some customers to request particular fish. Since, as Cathy’s mother says, “we aim to please,” the food truck crew has accommodated requests for perch and pickerel. Detroit Fish and Shrimp offerings are often based on what is freshest, so the fish can vary. They may also have whiting, cod, catfish, and walleye, but, according to Cathy’s mother, they have fresh cut fries “all the time.” They also offer other sides like cole slaw and hush puppies. It’s quite an impressive menu for a food truck.


Rashad started Detroit Fish and Shrimp food truck because he has a passion for cooking. He worked with his cousin at a fish and shrimp place for years before starting out on his own. He has plans to add another truck or two to the business, because business is good. They also hope to open up a permanent place on the east side. For now though, Detroit Fish and Shrimp food truck is just that, a food truck offering delicious, fresh fish that is happy to come to where you are to share their passion for good food.

You can check out their menu and see where they’re headed next by liking the Detroit Fish and Shrimp food truck Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/detroitshrimpfish3/, following them on Instagram, or even ordering their food through UberEats. If you’re interested in having them come to your event, let them know at cathy_torrence@yahoo.com or call 313.282.7009.

The Detroit Fish and Shrimp food truck will be at the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market one more time before the Market closes, on Thursday, Oct. 4 from 4 – 7 pm. The last Market Day is Thursday, Oct. 11 in the parking lot of the North Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale. This final Market will feature a Chili Cook-Off! For more info about the Market, like the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. You can also contact Market Manager Cassandra Van Dam with questions at nwdfm@grandmontrosedale.com.