In keeping with GRDC’s mission to “preserve and improve the Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhoods,” we welcome Martha Potere, GRDC’s Economic Development Program Manager. Martha’s task will be to revitalize the commercial corridors in Grandmont Rosedale. Having a stable and healthy business community is essential to stabilizing the residential community. Martha is a participating fellow in the Detroit Revitalization Fellows Program. This program selects experienced, talented leaders to “stimulate progress within Detroit’s civic, community and economic development landscape.” Martha brings with her vast experience with urban development, and some really great ideas.

Martha has helped run a farmer’s market on the East side of Detroit, she worked with the national Main Streets Program which seeks to revitalize commercial districts all over the United States, and she was the Assistant City Administrator and Executive Director for the Downtown Development Authority for Lathrup Village.

Martha knows a great deal about how to revitalize a business district and one of the things she knows best is that it must start with asking the residents and business owners what they would like to see: “I will start by talking to the people who live in Grandmont Rosedale about what businesses they want to see and about where they travel to purchase the things that aren’t here in Grandmont Rosedale. I will also engage the business owners to show them that there is capital to rehabilitate and to be sure that there are move-in ready buildings here that are structurally sound.” Martha also wants to be sure that the commercial district in Grandmont Rosedale works well for everyone in the community, whether you walk, ride or drive to the businesses.

Martha’s got a lot of work to do, but she’s excited for the challenge and eager to get to work. She has seen “the great things GRDC has done in the community,” and is sure that she too can make a positive difference in Grandmont Rosedale.