After graduating with a degree in journalism from Howard University, Danielle Jackson went to work at Cliff Bell’s, the jazz club downtown. Danielle worked in the marketing department, organizing community events and managing their social media. Danielle plans on using her marketing experience and skills this year as an AmeriCorps VISTA working with Chelsea Neblett on the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market. It’s a great fit for Danielle and she feels quite at home. In fact, Grandmont Rosedale is her home. She grew up here and is one of the many proud recipients of the Grandmont #1 Positive Youth Development Program scholarships. When Danielle saw that the Farmers’ Market coordinator position was available and she saw where it was, she “was immediately interested.” Danielle has a passion for fresh food community access and is looking forward to working in her home neighborhood again. She remembers “the sense of community in Grandmont Rosedale” and sees that that spirit is still very much alive: “People are so proud of living here and they work together to make things work. It’s refreshing.”

Danielle has great plans for Grandmont Rosedale and for the Farmers’ Market. She would like to incorporate physical health activities in the Market programming and create a market space that encourages people to gather and relax as well as shop. She’s a big fan of the show MasterChef, Jr. and would love to get kids involved in cooking activities at the Market. While she worked at Cliff Bell’s, Danielle got to know Chef Matt Baldridge, who was the chef at Cliff Bell’s and the chef who has held wonderful and popular pop-up dinners at Always Brewing Detroit.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a dinner pop-up at the Market? (hint, hint to Danielle and Matt).

Danielle might just be asking you to help out at the Farmers’ Market this spring, so when she does show her that the sense of community she remembers and sees is alive and well and growing. She’s really looking forward to working in her old neighborhood again. As she says, working at the Market “is a perfect match.” The Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market will begin on Thursday, June 4 from 4 – 8pm and run every Thursday through Thursday, October 1 at the North Rosedale Park Community House parking lot, 18445 Scarsdale. See you there!