LaToyia Shannon is a CPR instructor and Infant and Child Safety class instructor, a clinical health researcher, high school science and math tutor, test prep tutor, and owner of both JNS Health Solutions and JNS Support Services. Basically, if your need is science or health related, LaToyia’s got you covered. She used to run her business out of her home in Grandmont Rosedale, but LaToyia moved her business to the Grand River WorkPlace last March where she holds CPR classes for anyone who needs them. LaToyia has worked with nurses, physicians, day care center providers, other health care educators, and even people who started out their day with no plan to get CPR training.


While LaToyia calls the WorkPlace the home for her business, she also volunteers with other CPR trainers at the Detroit RiverWalk downtown. Every Tuesday LaToyia and her fellow volunteers ask people who are strolling by if they’d like to learn Hands-Only CPR. It takes just about 20 minutes and could save a life. The more people who have had even this most basic of CPR training, the safer we all are. It’s a pretty great way to volunteer and a pretty place to do it. LaToyia has also trained 3rd and 4th graders on this Hands-Only method, and LaToyia’s business is sure to get busier. As of the 2017-2018 school year, all high school graduates will be required to have CPR training.


The CPR and Infant and Child Safety classes LaToyia teaches at the WorkPlace add to the diversity of use of the WorkPlace. This diversity of use has also lead LaToyia to new clients. LaToyia trained the staff of fellow WorkPlace member United Horizons – another example of the mutually beneficial connections small businesses make at the WorkPlace. The WorkPlace has also become LaToyia’s preferred place to teach. “It’s a beautiful location,” she says, and her students who come from as far away as Ann Arbor and Auburn Hills are impressed too: “This is so nice! It’s like a hidden jewel!”

The health sciences has been an important part of LaToyia’s life for most of her life. LaToyia was the kind of kid who looked forward to science fair as if it were Christmas. She often got her whole family involved. One year she convinced her dad to drive down to the Belle Isle Aquarium to get a sample of water fleas for her science fair project. Another year she corralled her dad, mom, and grandmother to participate in her experiment to measure the effect of caffeine on heartrate. Eventually LaToyia’s enthusiasm panned out. She wasn’t just a science fair kid, she was a science fair winner. LaToyia’s lifetime interest in science has not stopped. This fall she has begun working toward a Master’s degree in Community Public Health at MSU.

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