On Sunday, May 18, many Grandmont Rosedale residents came to Always Brewing Detroit, dropped $5 in the SOUP kettle, took a ballot and then gathered under the tent set up behind the coffee shop to hear fellow residents pitch their ideas for making Grandmont Rosedale an even better place to live.  After hearing four heart-felt, compelling ideas, residents lined up for a delicious variety of homemade soups, salads, bread, and tasty desserts.  As they ate and visited, residents then were treated to a funny and charming performance by the Magenta Giraffe Theater Company.  When finally there wasn’t much soup left and the peach cobbler was gone, the winner of the evening’s contributions was announced.  As a representative of the Grandmont #1 Positive Youth Development Program, Shonda Jones, and several of her fellow representatives, graciously accepted the $386.70 winnings.  The winnings will go toward the scholarship the Grandmont #1 program offers to its high school seniors who demonstrate not just consistently excellent grades, but a real commitment to the Grandmont #1 and wider community through volunteerism and involvement.  It was a wonderful evening.  It was the kind of evening that truly demonstrated just how lucky we are to live in such a supportive, friendly community.  Watch for the next Grandmont Rosedale SOUP.  Maybe you’ll pitch an idea next time around.