Submitted by: Chet McLeod

After months of preparation, the Grandmont Rosedale Easter Egg Hunt took place at the North Rosedale Park Community House on March 30, 2013. The day started off full of mild temperatures and plenty of Sun. At 11:00 a.m. the Petting Zoo was ready for visitors. The hunt areas were filled with the eggs and the volunteer were on hand to provide supervision along with the parents. Families began registering in the vestibule of the Community House and were advised about each available activity and given a ticket for an ongoing raffle of kid friendly prizes.

For the egg collecting, the children were directed to a designated hunting area based on their age, 3 and under, 4-7, and 8-10. Each child followed the instructions of the Easter Bunny to collect the eight eggs which were hidden per child. The eggs were replenished as time allowed and as a different group entered the collection areas. It was so much fun watching the eggs being discovered and to see the community at large taking the time to talk, share experiences, network and to think about activities we could offer in the future.

The Petting Zoo is the area that draws a great deal of attention from all ages. The many different animals are available for viewing and for touching, bringing a bit of the country into the city.

Inside the Community House there were treats, music, vision screening by Kresge Eye Institute and accident prevention education and materials provided by the DMC. Deborah Virgiles, owner of our local McDonald’s brought cookies, drinks, prizes, placemats to color and crayons, staff to assist with set-up and clean-up and a wonderful sketch artist to entertain the kids and adults alike. She also partnered with Benny Napoleon to purchase pizzas for the children at noon. Rosedale Park resident, Debbie Gore, played children’s tunes and Spring music on the piano to accompany the fine time everyone was having. The two hours (11-1) went by very fast and about 200 registered children left with big smiles and little treats.

Thanks go out to all those who chipped in to donate plastic eggs and candy, set up, monitor the different hunting sites, provide transportation, clean up and really make the event the success it was. Special thanks to the DMC and Kresge Eye Institute for the grant funding of the event as well as their services and handouts on the day of the hunt and to Deborah Virgiles for her support of our community and all of the many things she contributed for the nourishment and enjoyment of our children. A special “shout out” goes to the North Rosedale Park, Grandmont, Grandmont 1, Minock Park and Rosedale Park communities for joining together to make this a great local event. This was yet another example of what wonders can happen when we all work together.

For a link to the great pictures of the day, please click here: Easter Egg Hunt Photos