There will be a Grandmont Rosedale Community Bus Tour on Thursday, Sept. 18 leaving from the Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market, 18445 Scarsdale, at 5, 6, and 7pm.  On the trip you will be able to check out the many improvements GRDC has made in your community in the past year.  Several renovated houses will be on the tour as well as our new business venue, the Grand River WorkPlace.  The extensively renovated Stoepel Park will also be on the tour and the bus will also swing down Stahelin to see what the Vacant Property Task Force has been up to (a lot!).

This bus tour is in place of the Community Forum of the past two years.  GRDC Executive Director Tom Goddeeris sees the bus tour as a “fun and interesting way for residents and other stakeholders to learn about the progress made over the past year and to give feedback on the spot. We intend this to be more interactive than the usual community meeting and power point presentation.”  The tour is free and everyone is invited.  No tickets or reservations are needed, but it is first come, first served.  Make a special point to come to the Farmers’ Market on Thursday, Sept. 18, and make some time to get on the bus and see how your community has improved thanks to the hard work of your neighbors and GRDC!