Moy Hair Essentials is a line of hair care products made with all natural ingredients, founded by Miranda Moy. Over the years, Miranda has developed an admiration for beautiful, healthy, natural hair. She is infatuated with studying the key ingredients to stimulate hair growth. The Essentials are composed of high quality, parabon free hair products that will give your hair shine, softness, and manageability, without the harsh preservatives and chemicals. Moy Hair Essentials caters to textured curly hair but was created for all people with the PURPOSE to better produce the overall health of natural hair, The Natural Way!

What inspires you?

The reason why I decided to take on the adventure of entrepreneurship, and specifically chose to enter the beauty industry, is because I absolutely love having a positive impact and influence on a world that I see myself, and others just like me, living and growing in. I have a strong desire to uplift and support women, and I understand the significance of our hair and how we identify with it. As of recently, I have been extremely motivated by witnessing the natural hair community continue to be globally accepted in professional spaces, social media, and the media in general.  For some time, this representation was little to none, and now I’m able to proudly take my place as an advocate and influencer.

Who is your ideal client?

We have all natural ingredients our products can be used on children all the way to men. Ideally, our customers have kinky curly textured hair and are looking to moisturize the strands of their hair to reduce breakage and increase and retain hair growth.

Why did you choose Grand River WorkPlace?

I am a product of the Grandmont Rosedale community. I was raised in Rosedale, and in my adult years I have come back to buy a home in this exact district where I faithfully shop at the local markets and stores. I am quite familiar with the area, and would love to be a part of the development in this neighborhood.

What’s next?

As my business continues to grow, I see the products of Moy Hair Essentials in local and major retailer stores. It is my vision to have a headquarters here in my city, where I could always connect with my local customers.

Where is your favorite place to hang out in Detroit?

I really enjoy heading downtown Detroit. I used to live in the New Center Area and would frequent there more often but now since I am so busy as an entrepreneur, I’m not able to make my trips as often. Every time I visit, I am amazed at how beautiful this area has become. The thriving small businesses also really inspire me, and there is always a new and exciting sight to see and it makes me very proud to be a Detroit native

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @mirandamoyy Facebook:Moy Hair Essentials LLC