LaToyia Shannon is the owner of JNS Health Solutions LLC. JNS Health Solutions provides health education and training services. These services include CPR, Basic Life Support, First Aid, and Quality and Workplace Safety training.

What inspires you? My desire to empower people with the tools to improve their health and reduce health disparities within the community inspired me to start my business.

Who is your ideal client? Our customers include individuals, small groups, and businesses that request training. Ideally, many small businesses and corporations request our services for health education and workplace safety training for their employees.

Why did you choose Grand River WorkPlace? I chose the Grand River WorkPlace because I grew up three blocks away, and I love the Grandmont Rosedale community!

What’s next? I would love to expand my business over the next 5 years throughout Michigan and to connect and partner with other businesses within Detroit.

Where is your favorite place to hang out in Detroit? I love hanging out in Downtown Detroit. My favorites include Belle Isle, the Detroit Institute of Art, and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

What are your social media handles?  @JNSSupport (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

Do you have a website?