For the past few weeks, local youth ages 5 to 12 have been gathering in Minock Park to participate in a ten week summer camp, hosted by Summer in the City. During weekly sessions, the students receive tutoring help, read stories aloud, make arts and crafts and learn about urban gardening. Healthy breakfast and lunch options are also served during the program. This year’s summer camp is free to youth participants, thanks to a donation by Minock Park’s own Ken & Geraldine Grunow as well as meeting space provided by Ken Wolfe, vice president of the Minock Park Block Association.

In a recent visit to the camp, students were observed learning about raising chickens, during a “walking field trip.” There, each student had the opportunity to feed some thirty chickens before munching on some fresh vegetables themselves, foraged from the nearby garden.

Summer in the City strives to improve and expand community service in Metro Detroit. By bringing a diverse group of young people together to invest their energy in Detroit, Summer in the City aims to address the immediate needs of city neighborhoods while fostering regional solidarity. In addition to hosting weekly summer camps throughout the city, Summer in the City also brings volunteers together to assist with public art and gardening projects.

“We strive to make sure campers are building memories and learning new skills every day,” said Cameron Scott, a program coordinator with Summer in the City. “But the experience is equally important for the leadership team.” Much of Summer in the City’s team, known as “The Crew,” are themselves youth, comprised of recent high school graduates and even some currently enrolled students (with significant previous volunteer experience). For them, they have the opportunity to hone their leadership and program management skills while making a difference for the youth of Detroit. Sounds like a win-win to us!