Always Brewing Detroit was filled with girls and their parents last December for the Girl Scout Investiture, the end of the year ceremony recognizing the girls’ year of hard work and fun. Each group from the 7 year old Brownies up to the 16 year old Seniors assembled on the stage, recited the Girl Scout pledge and then waited for their troop leader to hand out certificates for volunteering in the Grandmont Rosedale community, planting trees, making blankets for the homeless, visiting nursing homes with holiday gifts and songs, and for learning how to tap maple trees, camp outdoors, archery, and of course, selling cookies. The parents were as proud as the girls were excited, and for good reason.

Rosedale Park resident and GRDC board member Renee Kent has two girls involved in the Girl Scouts. Renee is grateful for the “positive social aspect” of scouting and the fact that scouting “focuses on leadership skills, community service and developing a connection with nature all the while developing close relationships with one another.” The emphasis on community service was of particular importance to Rosedale Park resident Carla Blakey who saw that the girls loved getting together, but thought they should also focus on outreach in the community. “The girls want to feel good about what they’re doing,” Carla says, and so they get together and make scarves for the homeless or put together gift baskets to deliver to families or volunteer at a community event such as Steak Roast. Mavis Mealy of Minock Park has a daughter who is no longer involved, but she so loves the Scouts, she attended the ceremony because “it’s a really great network of moms.” Sekai Broaden is another mom whose daughter has aged out of scouting, but who loves to return to see the girls carry on the traditions. Sekai has worked in the juvenile justice system for 25 years and knows the importance of having kids develop a connection to their community, and she believes that scouting encourages that.

There were several dads in attendance too. Koli Wallace supports his two daughters’ in Scouting because it allows his daughters to “be with other girls with similar interests, teaches his daughters about the outdoors, and it emphasizes helping out in the community.” Another dad, Carlton Jackson gets so involved in supporting his two daughters’ scouting that each year he stores all the cookies during cookie sale season. He’s had as many as180 cases of cookies stacked in his dining room.

The excitement of the girls was evident at the Investiture. They clearly have a good time together and it’s easy to see why they keep involved in scouting year after year. Their excitement at being together was interrupted only by the presentation of each troop’s members and their individual recognition for hard work and loyalty.

Brownie Troop 41296, Junior Troop 41297, Cadette Troop 43120, and Senior Troop 71798 meet at 6 pm at the North Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale, the second and fourth Mondays of each month. If you would like more information, contact Carla Blakey at or go to to register for the Girl Scouts.