Joseph D. Farley’s top three reasons for becoming a member at the Grand River WorkPlace are “location, location, location.” Joseph is the founder and president of Friends of Fathers, a life coach company that provides a variety of services for fathers who want to be more involved in their children’s lives. Whether these fathers seek help navigating the Friends of the Court or putting together a resume, Friends of Fathers offers support, educational and coaching services, and even parenting classes that encourage these fathers to be the best fathers they can be. Joseph regards his WorkPlace location as his satellite office. He maintains his downtown headquarters and is pleased to have another location that is close to bus lines, easily accessible to freeways, and has free parking. The WorkPlace offers the space for Joseph to host workshops and hold large and small group sessions. Joseph also sees densely populated Grandmont Rosedale as a potentially great source for new clients.

“Strengthening Men and Empowering Fathers” is the mission of Friends of Fathers, and Joseph believes strongly in the effectiveness of going out into the community to invite these men to better their lives. Joseph goes to such places as churches, barber shops, and union halls to spread the word about his services. The court system can be quite intimidating, and because many of these men are unfamiliar with the court system, quite often these men respond to court injunctions by doing nothing. According to Joseph, “lack of knowledge and fear can paralyze fathers who don’t know how to navigate the system. This leaves them at a disadvantage for dealing with their issues.” Sadly the result of this is that fathers often become isolated from their kids.

Another service Friends of Fathers offers is guidance on parenting issues. Rather than telling fathers what to do as parents, Joseph solicits input from the fathers, asking them where they see their strengths and weaknesses as fathers lie and he invites them to develop a co-parenting plan with the mothers. Sometimes these fathers need very practical guidance, such as how to make a child’s weekend stay as pleasant and meaningful as possible. From educational coaching services to having healthy foods  in the fridge for their children, Joseph’s advice for fathers points toward establishing healthy, long-lasting relationships between fathers and their children. Joseph offers life-changing coaching, but, as he says, “the fathers must be willing to be coached. Fathers need to show up and not run from their responsibilities.”

If you or someone you know could use educational coaching, and/or parenting help, Friends of Fathers offers the expertise of several contracted lawyers, and Joseph’s own expertise as a paralegal, and established speaker on parenting issues. To contact Friends of Fathers call 313.983.0044, email or visit