Submitted by Kathy Garrett

There was music, laughter, food, coffee, and even dancing at the Saturday, March 22 Spring Equinox Art Show II at Always Brewing Detroit.  Babies and grownups, residents of the neighborhood and people for whom this was their first trip to northwest Detroit gathered to look at the art and meet the artists whose work lined the walls of ABD.  Curator Jessica Meyer chose the location as well as the artists and was very pleased with the turnout:  “This is a way for artists to showcase their work.  It can be hard to break into the art scene if you’ve never shown before.  We chose ABD because here artists are able to engage with the community and the Grandmont Rosedale area is such a great community-driven neighborhood.  They consistently come to events to show their support, and ABD is a hub in this community.”

For photographer Matt Whitney, the Spring Equinox Art Show II was a first.  “Jess asked if I would like to show my work, and I figured ‘Why not?’  I have posted my photographs online, but I had never printed any of them.  This is better.  People can really see them here.  I’ve learned a lot about printing and choosing the right framing.  I am still learning.”

Photographer Caryn Noel and painter/letter press artist Melissa Douglas were also there, talking about their work, and hoping, like Jessica, that a collection could be started at ABD.  Amanda Brewington, co-owner of Always Brewing, also supports the idea of an artist in residence at the coffee shop.  “The goal is to highlight one or two artists’ works for a month or two.  These featured artists would be able to choose the pieces they want displayed, how they would like to display them, whether they’d like to rotate the pieces with others, and of course, offer their work for sale.  For artists who are just starting to show their work, having a venue where their work could be displayed for a period of time is a terrific opportunity.

Jessica hinted that more than likely there will be another opening in the future.  With such a welcoming venue in such a supportive community, Jessica believes that such a show “is empowering for the artists.”  While you wait to hear about the next show, check out the art at Always Brewing Detroit.  It’s a great place to start your own collection!


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