Submitted by Kathy Garrett

The Best Classroom Project is a group of parents whose children were born since 2009 who are collaborating to find the best schools in Detroit. This city-wide effort welcomes parents who wish to share information, ideas and support in choosing schools for their children. North Rosedale Park resident, Sarah Hulett, has participated in The Best Classroom Project and understands the difficulties families often face when choosing a school for their children. “We all try to respect the fact that everyone makes the best choices for their children. All schools are on the table – public, private, charter. We share information because it can be overwhelming.” The project has been meeting for about a year. The participants visit schools while school is in session, write up what they find, and thus accumulate a body of information that parents can then use to help make the decision about which school is best for their children. The Best Classroom Project Facebook page states that “working alone, parents will make a kindergarten choice based on individual circumstances…but working together, they may be able to explore different options that might not otherwise be possible.” There is indeed power in community no matter what the project.

The Best Classroom Project is looking to host a meeting in Northwest Detroit and would like to gauge the interest of parents in the Grandmont-Rosedale communities. All are welcome. Contact Sarah Hulett at or 734.276.3775 for more information.


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