Amanda Brewington is cool and collected.  She calmly splits her time and attention between chatting with customers, ringing up orders, and keeping an eye on who’s coming through the door at Always Brewing Detroit.  Over the last year, her business has become more and more established as a cornerstone in the community, with recently expanded hours to better serve the regulars.  On Thursday, July 17 Always Brewing Detroit will celebrate its one-year anniversary with a special Open Mic Night from 7 – 10pm.

Amanda explains that when she first started out, she wanted to find a way to test her business idea.  In the world of small business ownership, it’s best to take it slow and steady so she put the word out in many different neighborhoods all over Detroit, and did her homework.  Then Amanda heard about GRDC.  Director Tom Goddeeris took the time to look for a location that would allow her to start as a pop up business. “There is no other place in Detroit with an organization like GRDC.   I know; I looked.”  After one month as a pop-up business, Amanda consulted with GRDC and Revolve Detroit who looked at her numbers and determined that Always Brewing Detroit would do well in Grandmont Rosedale.  Always Brewing is indeed doing well and remains in the location where it started as a pop-up. Amanda is now not only in full swing during the day, but she also runs regular events like the Open Mic Night on Thursdays from 7 – 10pm, art openings, and markets that feature local artisans and small businesses.

The One-Year Anniversary Celebration Open Mic Night will have a few surprises, a family-friendly party feel, a whole lot of expression from local talent, and of course, delicious coffee and others beverages.  So come to Always Brewing Detroit on Thursday, July 17th any time from 7 – 10pm and join Amanda and her community in the celebration of a new, successful business in Grandmont Rosedale.  If she’s not too busy, you might ask Amanda about her ideas for expanding the coffee shop to include the live streaming of events, recording capabilities, and a way to archive the happenings at the coffee house.