Alexander Jones’ business, United Horizons, was outgrowing his home office and he needed a larger space to meet clients and to have meetings with his employees. He also needed wifi, a copier, and having a kitchenette would be nice too. Alexander chose the Grand River WorkPlace, 19120 Grand River, as his new place to do business because it has all the business amenities he was looking for and because it is close to home. As Alexander says, “It’s the perfect spot!” As a lifelong Grandmont Rosedale resident, Alexander got word that a co-working space was opening on Grand River early on and was ready to become a member before the Open House last September. Just as soon as he could, Alexander became the first member at the WorkPlace. Being at the WorkPlace has allowed United Horizons to expand further, and to expand its services.

United Horizons provides developmentally disabled clients with the support services necessary to remain as independent and involved with the community as possible. With the support that United Horizons provides, clients of all ages are able to maintain their homes, see to hygienic needs, and get involved in activities such as dances, attending movies, and visiting friends and family. United Horizons also helps clients reach personal goals such as participating in the Special Olympics, learning to ride a bike, and for one client, United Horizons helped her reach a lifelong goal: going to Walt Disney World.

With the expansion that being a member at the WorkPlace allows, Alexander is able to help more clients than ever before. It seems especially fitting that United Horizons’ mission statement emphasizes the importance of providing the support that allows their clients “to engage more actively in the community with friends and family.” Alexander’s business home in the WorkPlace co-working community fits nicely. Both he and wife understand the importance of staying involved in their community as Alexander is the Vice-President of the Grandmont #1 Improvement Association, and his wife Shonda founded and continues to run the Grandmont #1 Positive Youth Development Program.

United Horizons provides a range of support: 24-hour, live-in care is available as is meal preparation, shopping trips, transportation to medical appointments, help with budgeting, and developing emergency plans. If you would like to learn more about United Horizons, contact Alexander Jones at 866.526.6403. You can also visit the website at If you would like to learn more about the Grand River WorkPlace, you can visit their website at  You can also like the Grand River WorkPlace Facebook page, or contact WorkPlace Manager BrieAnn Bell at or 313.387.4732, ext. 118.