Michigan Community Resources’ Janai Gilmore honored GRDC Sustainable Communities Program Manager, Becki Kenderes, for her work as a member of the Detroit Vacant Property Coalition’s Planning Committee at a recent Thank You Dinner on Tuesday, July 9, 2013. Other committee members present at the dinner included: Mary Jo Smith (University District), Pat Dixon (Barton MacFarland), E’Lois Moore (Binder Street Block Club) and Ray Duma (Warren Community Organization). The Planning Committee is tasked with developing structure and action priorities for the city-wide Vacant Property Coalition.

The Vacant Property Coalition is an initiative of Michigan Community Resources; the VPC unites diverse community groups and residents from across Detroit. Together they address community concerns related to vacant property through education, advocacy and community-driven problem solving. The priorities of the Vacant Property coalition are to strengthen code enforcement, reduce blight, raise awareness of resources and to inspire action.  Find out more about their work or how to get involved visit their website at: http://www.thevpcdetroit.org.