After many community meetings, and with the support of all five area neighborhood associations, a petition drive to establish a Special Assessment District in the Grandmont Rosedale community is underway. If established, the Special Assessment District would provide 24/7 security patrol services and comprehensive street and sidewalk snow removal throughout the residential areas of Grandmont Rosedale.


A Special Assessment district (S.A.D.) is an innovative new tool that communities can use to raise money for supplemental security and snow removal services. The cost of services will be shared by all district property owners through a special tax assessment. A local non-profit organization, referred to as the Designated Neighborhood Improvement Organization, or DNIO, receives and administers the funds. Contracts for services will be selected through an open and competitive bidding process. GRDC will serve as the DNIO for the proposed S.A.D. in the Grandmont Rosedale area.

GRDC has already obtained competitive bids for security and snow plowing services, and the most cost-effective and reliable service providers have been chosen. Once Grandmont Rosedale becomes a Special Assessment District, there will be two cars on patrol 24 hours a day. The daytime patrol will be an off-duty Detroit Police Officer in a Detroit Police car and a security officer from Tenable Protective Services in a marked security car. The evening patrol will be two off-duty Detroit Police Officers in a Detroit Police car and one security officer in a marked security car. Residents will have a direct line to the patrols to report suspicious activity.

Grandmont Rosedale is a community of neighbors. We all look out for one another’s homes and families, but no one can be on the look-out all hours of the day or night. Once this patrol service starts, residents will be able to feel a greater sense of security knowing that there are trained people whose only job is to keep an eye on our homes, our cars, and our families.

Greener Still Inc. will provide the snow plowing service. This service will plow all residential streets in Grandmont Rosedale from curb to curb within 24 hours once the snow reaches 3 inches, but not before the snow ceases to fall.  All sidewalks will also be plowed within 24 hours once the snow reaches 2 inches, but again, not before the snow stops. Many residents have experienced the frustration and even danger that comes with a heavy snowfall that remains on our streets and sidewalks. With this service, residents need no longer try to negotiate a suddenly one way street due to unplowed snow, nor need they worry about having to wade through deep snow when out walking.


The estimated annual cost per tax parcel is $250.00. This Special Assessment District tax will appear once a year on the summer tax bill. The campaign goal is to collect enough signatures by early next year to get the assessment on the 2016 summer tax bill. There will be a separate 1% city administration fee of $2.50. Thus, the total fee for Special Assessment District will be $252.50 per parcel share per year.

A Special Assessment District would make Grandmont Rosedale a safer and better place to live, but it’s going to take some effort on every resident’s part. In order to make Grandmont Rosedale a Special Assessment District, property owners must sign a petition authorizing their support. Volunteers will be going to door-to-door, holding petition signing parties, talking to the neighbors, and spreading the word. EVERY NEIGHBOR has a role to play in making Grandmont Rosedale a Special Assessment District. What’s yours?

If you have questions about the Special Assessment District petition signing campaign or the Special Assessment District itself, contact Chelsea Neblett at or 313.387.4732, ext. 103.