What is the names of your business, and what are you selling?

Sweet Potato Delights – vegan-based sweet potato products

What are your social media handles, and if you have a website, what’s the address?

Website: sweetpotatodelights.org




How long have you been at it?

5 years

What are your plans for the future?

To keep growing!

What do you think are the three most important reasons to support local markets?

  1. Good for the community
  2. Good for businesses that are just getting started
  3. It’s in the neighborhood

How has your Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market experience been?

This is our 5th or 6th year with the Market here and it has really helped our business grow. We also use the Community Commercial Kitchen at the North Rosedale Park Community House to produce our goods. It is a godsend!

What’s your favorite Detroit thing to do?

There are too many favorite Detroit things to do! I can’t just list one or two or three!